Transform your mindset, lose the negative self talk & quit the comparisons.

It's time to take back your power.

I know you're over there...

  • Dreading that girls spa day because people will see your 'fat thighs', 'wobbly belly' or 'naked face'

  • Torturing yourself over your latest breakup, thinking 'what's wrong with me?'

  • Talking yourself out of applying for the job you want because you just aren't confident enough

  • Comparing yourself constantly to every other woman on social media

  • Resenting your one sided friendships 

  • Avoiding speaking up at work or in relationships because your opinion doesn't feel valuable

  • Questioning who you are and desperately trying to find some direction in life

Pink Roses

I know low self confidence can feel like something you just have to live with

But what if instead you could feel...

  • Excited to have fun with the girls without even thinking about how you'll look?

  • Free to move on and embrace your fabulous single self or find the relationship that is right for you

  • Confident to put your name forward for the job you know you're totally ready for 

  • Assured that yes there are other beautiful, successful women out there, but you're one of those too

  • Fulfilled in friendships that have equal effort and reward

  • Empowered to say what you think, because you know you deserve to be heard 

  • Secure in yourself, knowing exactly who you are, what you want and where your headed

Pink Roses

I'm here to tell you, that you can feel all of these things by taking control & transforming your own mindset 

And you know, how I know that? Because I did it for myself...

In my twenties, after several toxic failed relationships, my self esteem was left in tatters. Often torturing myself for months with thoughts like ‘What’s wrong with me?’ I was desperate to feel ‘good enough’.

Then I discovered NLP and with it the power to take back control of my own thoughts and feel better about myself. I realised I had been keeping stuck by constantly telling myself negative thoughts and that to overcome my own insecurities I had to completely transform my mindset.

And I did! With a little commitment and powerful, effective NLP exercises I finally felt worthy of being myself & embracing exactly who I was, without approval from others.

Now I’m in the best relationship of my life, comfortable in my own skin and well over the negative criticism I used to tell myself daily. 

Pink Roses

And I want that for you too!

Because every woman should know they don’t have to put up with low self esteem and that they hold the key to making themselves feel worthy and confident. 

You have the power ladies, now let’s unlock it.


Every single feeling you experience or action you take is based on the thoughts you have. From what you choose to wear in the morning to the leap of faith you take with that career change, your thoughts have the power to dictate how you live your life daily.


But when those thoughts are negative they'll have you missing out on great opportunities at best and keep you feeling stuck, unworthy and resentful at worst. 

Empowerment & confidence coaching helps you to overcome those unhelpful thoughts by:

  • Discovering who you truly are and working out what makes you feel happy, worthy and motivated

  • Noticing how you're keeping yourself stuck by identifying the limiting beliefs you keep telling yourself

  • Using powerful Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques to transform your mindset and develop true self belief and self confidence

  • Supporting & motivating you to reach outside of your comfort zones with personalised actions plans that get you experiencing true transformational change that sticks!

Ready to stop standing in your own way?

Here's how you can work with me

My signature 1:1 package will get you digging deep and rebounding high!


Packed full of self discovery exercises, transformational NLP techniques and constant motivational support this package is for you if you're ready to feel free of the negative mindset that's keeping you stuck and finally live life on your terms. What you get:

  • x3 60 minute 1:1 online coaching sessions with me via Zoom

  • Unlimited access to me via email in between sessions

  • Personalised action plans & a range of inspirational exercises for you to take away in between our sessions

  • Motivational support to keep you on track and to cheer you on!

Investment: £275

Signature Package


Pink Blossom
Pink Roses

"I had the luck to work with Natalie last year. Her natural, warm, friendly nature, made me trust her with my most important dreams and worst fears. I highly recommend her!”

- Patricia, London


Every coaching journey with me starts with a free, informal chat to find out more about your needs and to make sure coaching is right for you. 

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