Reviews from past clients

“Natalie has helped me achieve so many light-bulb moments which have left me coming away from our sessions with a clear, positive mind-set and the steps to take to move forwards. Thanks so much for bringing out the best in me!”

- Paula, Buckinghamshire

“Natalie has guided me through many goals of mine and has always felt like she really gets it & comes into my world - I’m yet to find something she can’t help me with. If you’re considering life coaching, choose Natalie - you won’t look back!”

- Naomi, Oxfordshire

Natalie challenged me in such an empowering way and helped me figure out my next steps in order to move forward with my goal, I left my session so ready for action. Natalie’s coaching is truly uplifting. I can’t recommend Natalie highly enough!

- Ashley, Edinburgh


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I had the luck to work with Natalie on more than three occasions in this last year she helped me figure out my priorities and how to achieve each goal - I made great starts on my objectives and some are already achieved! Her natural, warm, friendly nature, made me trust her with my most important dreams and worst fears. I highly recommend her!”

- Patricia, London

Natalie is a fantastic, patient and encouraging coach.

She gives you the space to think and talk and helps you get to the outcome you need.

I would really recommend her.

- Ellie, Gloucestershire

I highly recommend Natalie to be your coach! She is empathetic and helped me during a challenging time in my career, providing me with guidance on how to set small but achievable goals. It really helped my calm my anxiety by taking out the emotions and focusing on the practical side. Natalie is friendly, a great listener and really puts you at ease. It was a pelasure having Natalie as my coach!'

- Jade, Wiltshire