Hi I’m Natalie, I’m on a mission to help every woman realise they don’t have to put up with low self esteem and that they hold the power to live life the way they are meant to - feeling confident and free.

Low self confidence was never something I thought I suffered with. But throughout my teens & twenties I’d find that I took relationship breakups super hard and after every toxic ending my self esteem would take a huge battering. I’d ask myself questions like ‘why am I not enough?’ or ‘what’s wrong with me?’ and keep myself trapped in that negative mindset for months.

And even thinking about putting myself out there to meet anyone new was always a huge, fat ‘hell no!’ for a longggg time!

After a particularly draining break up, it hit me that I wasn’t upset about the relationship ending, but rather how it made me feel about myself. 

And so I spent hours scrolling on social media, reading countless self-help books and even trying therapy to  make myself feel better. It’s safe to say I wasted a lot of time and money!

Then I found Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) whilst lost down a Google rabbit hole. A technique aimed at changing the way a person thinks to achieve a certain result.


Now I’m not a spiritual person AT ALL and so I didn’t have high hopes for this, but hand on heart, a 5 minute exercise had me going ‘WOW’! 

I realised I had been keeping myself stuck  by choosing to think shitty thoughts about myself.  And that for me was a lightbulb moment. 

It finally hit me that the only person that could make me feel worthy was me and that I had to take back control of my own thoughts to finally love always. So I began using the exercises I’d learnt to start breaking the negative thought cycles, overcoming the lies I’d been telling myself and choosing to think differently. I started choosing to feel better about myself.

And you know what happened when I did that? I felt like a weight had been lifted as I started to let go of all the negative beliefs I had held about myself for YEARS. I finally felt good enough just being me.

Since then my confidence has blossomed, and I’ve met a wonderful man who I can be my authentic self around, because I am finally comfortable in my own skin and no longer need anyone else to make me feel enough. 

And I want that for you too!


Drastically changing my relationship with myself, has had such an impact on my life. 

But I also know that taking control of your own mind is such a powerful, simple skill most of us women have never been taught. Low self esteem is often just something we feel we have to put up with.

But that isn’t true and it’s something I feel every woman should know. It’s the reason why I trained to become an Empowerment Coach - so I could help other women just like me and you to get out of their own way and feel empowered to help themselves.


I am qualified Life Coach & NLP Practitioner and a member of the UK College of Professional Development.