Female Confidence Coach 

Hello, I'm Natalie, a qualified Coach & Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner specialising in helping women to love themselves and boost their confidence. 

I feel passionately about helping women to discover their own self-worth and grow their self-belief so they feel able to live life the way they choose, confidently.


For me, lack of self-worth & confidence had been a life long battle. Whether it was getting school reports from teachers saying I should 'speak up more' or putting up with less than I deserved in relationships as I grew, it was always the thing that held me back.

In 2020 I finally decided to tackle the limiting belief that was keeping me stuck and embarked on my own coaching experience. The impact it has on my mindset and confidence levels were life changing. The changes were so inspirational, I decided to retrain and become a coach myself so I could share everything I had learned and help other women. 

Today I feel empowered to put myself out there to help others, am in a happy relationship I can fully be myself in and don't mind presenting to big audiences. All things that would never have happened before my own coaching journey. 

If you'd like to have a friendly chat about how we can get you realising your own self worth and building unstoppable confidence, please do get in touch for a complimentary discovery call.


I'd love to hear from you xx


I am a member of the UK College of Professional Development, Association For Coaching and  Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming.