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What is self esteem & confidence coaching and how can it help me?

The aim of self esteem & confidence coaching is to help you to value and appreciate everything about yourself, allowing you to feel empowered to live life on your terms. By realising your strengths and successes, and also understanding how limiting beliefs might be holding you back, together we can boost your self confidence and allow you to free yourself of the negative mindset that has been keeping you stuck.


If you're ready to break out of old patterns and commit to taking action to boost your own happiness, empowerment & confidence coaching could be for you.

We'll use a mix of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) practices that focus on getting you thinking in a different way and solid coaching tools that help you on your journey to success.

I know when I started out on my own journey, I had a lot of questions about coaching... what was it, how does it work, why should I invest my time and money?

Below you'll find some commonly asked questions, inspiration, and details about coaching with me. If you have any other questions not answered here, do get in touch.

What is Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)?

NLP is the practice of training (programming) your mind (neuro) to speak (linguistic) to yourself differently.

The way you feel about yourself is dictated by thoughts you tell yourself. NLP exercises help to break down your negative thought patterns you may not even be aware of  and teaches you new positive ways of communicating with yourself so you ultimately feel better about you.

In short, it's helping you break out of your negative, limiting mindset to create a brand new, positive one that you truly believe in.

What is the difference between coaching and counselling?

Counselling sessions are held with trained a psychotherapist who mainly focusses on the past, why you may feel the way you do and how to overcome those past traumas.

Whilst confidence coaching will touch on the past to better understand how you've got to the place you have; its primary goal is to focus on the present and look ahead to the future. Coaching is about helping you to see all of the potential you have and how you can use it to turn your dreams turn it into a reality. It’s about having someone to hold you accountable and motivate you to achieve your goals along the way. In short, a coach is like having your own personal cheerleader!

What topics might we discuss and work through during a coaching session?

Sometimes we know something is holding us back but aren't quite sure what. Often it's simply our own thoughts. Together, we'll help you to overcome any limiting beliefs and create a positive and more constructive mindset to feel confident enough to live life happily and confidently. Self esteem & confidence coaching can also help you with:


  • Feeling worthy of everything you desire

  • Letting go of past relationships

  • Self-discovery (exploring what you’d like out of life)

  • Feeling confident in your own skin

  • Ending the constant comparisons to others

  • Realising your strengths and potential

  • Letting go of caring about what others think

  • Feeling brave enough to tackle that next life challenge

  • Any other situation that may leave you feeling 'not something enough'. 

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"Natalie challenged me in such an empowering way and helped me figure out my next steps in order to move forward. Natalie’s coaching is truly uplifting. I can’t recommend her highly enough!"

- Ashley, Edinburgh

Why should I coach with you?

Having experienced debilitatingly low self confidence at various points in my own life, I'm passionate about empowering women to get out of their own way and navigate life with unbreakable self confidence, knowing they deserve all the things they want for themselves.


Having felt the amazing benefits of NLP first hand, I believe every woman should know how to free themselves from negative thought patterns, realise just how incredible they are and enjoy life to the maximum without holding themselves back. 

As self esteem & confidence coach I have no judgement or agenda but will be there to offer you positive support, gentle challenge and bags of motivation to really help you break out of your negative mindset and grow your self-belief, so you live life happily and confidently. 

I am a fully insured, certified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner and a member of the UK College of Professional Development. 

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Do you offer a free consultation?

Absolutely! You can book a free no obligation discovery call to find out more about coaching with me, at any time. In a discovery call we'll chat through what you'd like to get out of coaching and how we could work together to get you feeling empowered to be the super confident, strong female you really are!

Other ways you can get a feel for my coaching style are to:

What can I expect from a coaching session with you?

As a logical thinker I am passionate about each of our sessions leading you to notice a tangible shift or step towards loving yourself more fully and boosting your confidence. It's why I love NLP - it delivers results you can really feel working. We'll work together to get the most out of every session by challenging your current way of thinking and developing action plans to get you closer to your goals.

I always aim for our coaching sessions to be upbeat and leave you feeling supported and excited to put what we've spoken about into practice. Our sessions are fully confidential, allowing you to give full focus and explore your mindset in an honest and safe space.

Do I need anything to start coaching?

All I ask is that you fully embrace the coaching journey and are 100% committed to moving forward and feeling better about yourself! Coaching is about looking forward and taking steps towards building your confidence and creating change, so please be absolutely ready to let go of the things that are holding you back. 

Coaching sessions are fully focussed on you, so make sure you commit to a time where you won't be interrupted so you can give your future self the full attention she deserves! There will also be 'homework' to help you put your learnings into practice and progress further between sessions so, you'll need to be willing to dedicate some headspace outside of our time together too.

Otherwise a simple notebook and pen is all you need to scribble down all of your 'eureka' moments!



How long are sessions and where do they take place?

Sessions with me last 60 minutes and are held online via Zoom. Appreciating the day to day time commitments many of us face I offer sessions during weekday evenings and Saturday mornings. Some early morning and lunchtime appointments can be made available if required.

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"Natalie is a fantastic, patient and encouraging coach.

She gives you the space to think and talk and helps you get to the outcome you need. I would really recommend her"

- Ellie, Gloucestershire

How much do coaching sessions cost?

Initially we'll have a free discovery call via Zoom to talk through what  you would like to get out of coaching and to make sure we're a right fit for each other (as it's super important to get the client/coach relationship right from the very beginning!). We'll also discuss costs and payment plans available based on the coaching plan you feel is right for you.

We'll then schedule your first session to get you started on your journey!

You can find out more about my NEW signature coaching plans here.

How many sessions might I need?

From experience my clients see the biggest transformation from working together with multiple coaching sessions so that is how I've designed my Signature Program. They find the ongoing support and accountability that comes from multiple sessions a big motivator in putting what we've talked about into practice to create lasting change. 

We'll always leave at least two weeks between sessions to give you time to really apply any new skills or mindsets we've talked through. 

I also offer one off 90 minute appointments to suit clients who would like to take more of a self led route - you can find out more about my Signature Session here.



Here you can find out more about how NLP works, my signature coaching plans and to get in touch to arrange your free consultation